How To

How To

The Right Lamp Shade is the Finishing Touch to your Light.

How to Select a Lamp Shade

A Lamp Shade adds Beauty and Character to your Lighting!

Important Factors:

1.  Location

2.  Shape

3.  Size

1.  Location is Key to Selecting the Shape!

Think about where you lamp will go.  Location determines the ideal shape.  If your lamp if for bedroom night tables an oval or oblong shade will take up less room on your table.  If the lamp is for the living room, you will have more flexibility in terms of size. 

How to select a lampshade

2.  Shape Gives Your Lamp Personality!

A lamp shade's shape can mirror the shape and style of your lamp.  A square base may be paired with a square shade or one that has straight lines, while a round shade compliments a round lamp!  It's that easy and your eye will be the best judge!

How to select a lampshade

3. A Lamp Shade's Size Must Be Proportionate to Your Lamp

When buying a lamp shade the key measurements are top, bottom and side or height.

Top: Your shade will sit on top of the lamp, with a finial to complete the look.

Bottom: The bottom measurement is a central element.  The shade should be at least a half inch wider on each side of the base.

Side or Height:  As a rule the shade cannot be taller than the size or height of the lamp.
o Measure your lamp from the bottom of the base to the bottom of the socket.  The lamp shade can be 60% - 75% of this measurement.  For example, if the lamp base to the bottom of the socket measures 20 inches, your lamp shade heigh can be 12" to 15" inches. o The shade must cover the hardware, specifically the socket, and should skim the top of the lamp's neck below the socket.